The Boys

Brent had a dream in the 1980’s of one day owning and operating a bed & breakfast…30 years later…dreams do come true!  Brent Riedberger and Chris Johansen aka “The Boys” were lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time with the right set of friends to embark what is now Embrace Calistoga.  They purchased the property at the end of 2010 and spent 4 month renovating every inch of the property, transforming it into an elegant, luxe and reimagined bed and breakfast.  What began as Luxe Calistoga has now morphed into Embrace Calistoga…an oasis to experience the Napa Valley. 


Brent being the entrepreneur, having owned and operated a restaurant maintenance service company and Chris being a corporate sales and sales operations suit – on paper it looked like a mid-life crisis.   For two suburbanites with no experience in the hospitality industry, it did seem somewhat like a leap of faith.  But the leap was not without a plan and was not without the faith and support of family and friends.  Through their travels, they had over the years created “the folder” - a collection of hand written notes, photos, thoughts and memories from their travel experiences.  Embrace Calistoga is the evolution from “the folder” to “the vision” and now to “the embrace”. 


Eat, Experience, Enjoy and Embrace.  You arrive as guests and you leave as friend!